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The click to offline conversion gap has finally been closed.

With the most advanced call reporting, Traaqr collects and analyzes data around the entire transaction lifecycle. It gathers valuable data from initial online customer touchpoint to final offline marketing sale closed. Not only does Traaqr generate actionable data, but it also automatically feeds that conversion information back to the marketing and/or advertising platform for optimization and smarter spending.

Traaqr empowers both the big and the budding. We provide actionable analytics and revenue-generating success metrics to businesses of all sizes. In just the past year, Traaqr has already helped customers increase their ROI on advertising spend by more than 30%!



Integrated into your existing marketing systems and platforms, Traaqr provides the technology to give you a clearer picture of call success or failure, and then how to best utilize that vital data for future targeting. That way you can focus your marketing channel spend on where, when and how your best customers are coming to you.

Traaqr allows marketers to gain valuable insight on how to best drive revenue by integrating call data with your retargeting, CRM and marketing automation technologies.



Call tracking tools can tell you if your online lead generation efforts are generating calls but is that really enough? Traaqr can tell you how much revenue those calls are generating and exactly what click-level marketing efforts caused those calls.

Traaqr’s “actionable analytics” help identify conversion opportunities, evaluate online to offline opportunities and enhance optimum overall agency marketing performance and revenue generation.


CRM / Contact Centers

Traaqr’s leading edge technology now gives your business the ability to efficiently access and evaluate the entire CRM/Contact Center funnel from “click to close.” It systematically extracts vital conversion data and turns it around to help guide the advertising and marketing side of your brand’s business.

Traaqr integrates with SalesForce and Zoho platforms to boost your CRM system and call center effectiveness. Accurate online data enables more engaging, effective customer conversations, taking full advantage of targeted context.


Affiliate Networks

The most valuable lead to a network is a phone call. Traaqr provides its Affiliate Network customers with an advanced phone lead routing platform that sends calls from the right publishing source to the right advertising destination.

Traaqr allows the advertiser to more effectively target revenue generating audiences so that the advertiser can pay a percentage of the converted sale, which is less than a cost per call model; all while paying the affiliates more overall dollars. It is a win-win-win!


Client Testimonial

Shannon Shores

Shannon Shores

CEO of Wellex Healthcare

The quality of our inbound calls and conversion rates has dramatically improved because of Traaqr’s unique targeting ability!


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